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Purpose of Life.

The purpose of my life is to get over “myself”. The Dalai Lama celebrates generosity, forgiveness, compassion . . why should I not start being compassionate to me, by forgiving self for the ways I have allowed the hijacking of my own compassion and peace of mind.

To know thyself is a command from Masters of all creeds, there is a difference between thyself and myself.  This is a topic for another day.

As the saying goes “charity begins at home”. Home is within ones self, or ones own heart. There is no true compassion until I am filled with my own. The goal is to accept the peaceful state where there is no compulsive obsession to political correctness.

Myself is an idea or image or altered ego of the one I call me; how I see myself in relation to you; how I imagine others see me, and how I present myself; with my body and my mind. Another way to explain myself is to say I am my own production. Because the souls presence is forgotten this self that is so busy holding the production together,  can only be a superficial and incomplete version of itself.

How many times in a day do I insist on my slavery to political correctness, how many times are my actions propelled by “I have to, or, I must  or,  I should”? Or, if I don’t, they will? Think of the arrogance of imagining I am not as good, or that I am better than others. According to some imagined standard decreed by the tyrannical, insecure, frightened self, I demand respect and I demand understanding; even knowing that respect and understanding are fruits of my own self-respect and self-understanding, rather than requirements or rights to be demanded from others.

Why not simply “just do it”, be the compassion without censorship? It is very easy to theorize on how to change ideas and create new realities.

Building new neural networks for this desired state requires that no slavery to political correctness exist to reinforce and hold this characteristic and its behavior in place. The mind must be “forty days in the wilderness”, present, aware, and wholly centered in the new desired reality in order to grow new neural pathways to accommodate the true state of love that engenders forgiveness and compassion.

The lazy mind will fight strongly for the comfortable known patterns of thought, or, alternatively will be inclined to develop another equally “selfish” persona using many of the familiar old pathways. This can be called the great battle, the Pilgrims Progress, the Divine Comedy the Journey of the Master.

Through the Looking Glass.

This tale sounds like Alice’s adventures after she fell down the rabbit hole into wonderland. I hope you enjoy!

I would never have anticipated Open Culture – 500 free courses from top line universities – Harvard, Yale, UCLA, MIT, Oxford and more; opening their lectures freely to the online public. I don’t know when this began, but I wondered: would this gifting have happened in the old world?

I continue to be in awe at the number of small and large organizations and individuals that I hear about, offering ideas, information, education, and technology freely for anyone willing and able to access it, and so it seems obvious to me that there is another reality happening…free exchange appears to be taking over from the old ways.

If I seem naïve, it’s because, like the white rabbit, I arrived late at the party… so maybe I was the only one who didn’t know that all this altruism was going on.

Ramtha “The Enlightened One” promised many years ago that shift would happen, and through the impact of the work of Brene’ Brown, Eddie Obeng, Chris Guillebeau and Ollin Morales, I know  that, at least for me; global and personal shift has happened.

Ramtha convinced me that if I followed his instructions; I could know unconditional love and infinite wisdom…providing I was free of the miseries of my past.

When I returned home after 20 years away, the miserable past was ‘right in my face’…there‘s nobody like family to mirror your ‘madness’.

I was absolutely determined that I would eventually experience the totality of Ram’s teaching, and I knew this couldn’t happen util I was free of my ‘ancient impediment’, so I agonized constantly about change.

After distracted myself for a year with books and online study courses, I found Brene’ Brown. Among her many talents;Brene is a Shame Researcher. After listening to her talks, I could hardly wait to read her books, and when she described the typical symptoms of shame, I knew that she was describing me….exactly.

Shame was my nameless lifelong impediment and the key to my new world. As I read and unraveled I was breathless with joy, I wept with relief. A door was opening; I could literally feel the stress leaving my body. I knew that I was close to being free. Thank you Brene’, you gave me back my life. You stand among the ‘great ones.’

Then I found Eddie Obeng, he stated,We spend our time responding rationally to a world which we understand and recognize, but which no longer exists”.

OMG…of course, the old world no longer exists…shift happened; right under my nose, when I wasn’t paying attention! I was ripe for this gem of insight. Thank you for pointing out the obvious Eddie, you helped me make sense of my world in this moment.

Chris Guillebeau (The Art of Non Conformity) is shifting the worldview with his ventures and adventures (including the ‘$100 Startup’ book),

He is another truly awesome being who sees the big picture and has helped me to see that great opportunities abound for all of us outside the narrow confines of conventional wisdom. I can see that there are a myriad of ways to step out and make a difference once I take off my blinkers. Thanks for opening my eyes Chris,.

I thank Ollin Morales, Author, and Blogger ‘Extraordinaire’, for being there on the Best Blogs list (2 years in a row) and for kicking me out of the starting block to begin my own blog.

Ollin wrote the magical words ‘I want to hear more’….at least that was one of the messages I got, in reply to my contribution to his blog. courage2create.Thanks for giving me courage Ollin.

These teachers/mentors/muses have given me goosebumping insights and hilarious laughter of the ‘aha ’moments, tears of joy, and at times the feeling that I might float right on out of my body with excitement. Their ideas were meeting, greeting, and forming connections with one another in my brain. It is difficult to describe the excitement of this realization.

So thanks for being there at the perfect moment everyone. I am busy growing the seeds you gifted me, and will be spreading them into the winds until universal healing and abundance is the common reality.

xxxxx Adrienne

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